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Photo Expo 2018

Workshop: how to deliver deliver visual stories in higher education and other key industries and applications June 4, 2018

In today's digital revolution, brands are increasingly required to create content that stands out, searching for an editorial voice to tell impactful stories. Photo Expo connects photographers with media distribution and reach, as well as a network of the world's foremost photography and videography talent - taking customers' messages from the biggest stages to the smallest mobile screens, and beyond. Services include video, event photography, social-first content, commercial assignments, portrait studios, talent integration, media partnerships, full service production, immersive media, worldwide distribution, content strategy and visual intelligence.

Hands-on reviews of pro camcorders and cinema cameras and lenses, professional 4K and high-definition imaging products, including the popular 4K reference displays and professional printers.

Photo Expo Breaking Records

The exhibition featured companies that are leading the photo industry and representing dozens of companies and manufacturers worldwide. Alongside the exhibition we held a large number of professional events and conferences. Thanks to participants, exhibitors, lecturers,visitors, and event partners.

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